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How to Make a Lava Cake in 10 Minutes Without An Oven

Make a Delicious Lava Cake In 10 Minutes!

Serves 1 small cup. Can be scaled. Enjoy cooking during quarantine! Ingredients 4 tbsp all-purpose flour 3-4.5 tbsp milk 3 tbsp powdered sugar 2-3 tbsp cocoa powder 1 tbsp canola oil 1 chocolate t......

Hosting A Discord Bot Using Uptime Robot

Learn how to host your discord bot using uptime robot

Just before we start, make sure that you’ve read my other tutorials on how to make a discord bot. This does not need a specific language, but make sure this bot has already been hosted on a flask a......

Coding a Discord Bot With Python!

A simple walkthrough of using on replit

So… you’ve probably heard of discord, a chat and stream app for gamers. Over time it has evolved but it is still there for one main thing: chatting. Nowdays, you can create bots for discord that ac......

Coding a discord bot with python part 2!

Continue the journey of coding a discord bot

Before we start, if you have not seen the first part of this, click here Open your file. It should look like this: 12345678import discordimport keep_aliveclient = discord.Client()bot = comm......

How to Hack Into a Repl

Hack into people repls and edit them as if they are multiplayer!

There is a website called which is a inline compiler for coding. It supports many languages and is used by many people around the USA There is a feature called multiplayer, where people can......

Hello world!

my first post

Hello world! This is my first post! ...