Hosting A Discord Bot Using Uptime Robot

Learn how to host your discord bot using uptime robot

Posted by AwesomeAg on 04-26-2020

Just before we start, make sure that you’ve read my other tutorials on how to make a discord bot. This does not need a specific language, but make sure this bot has already been hosted on a flask app or something.

How to host your discord bot with uptime robot

This is a pretty easy walkthrough, and it doesn’t require any coding whatsoever. This tutorial will be specific to though, so make sure you have that in mind.
Step 1.
Go to uptime robot and make an account or login if you have an account. Then go to your dashboard and press "add new monitor"
now fill out the fields so they look like this:
You can change the timing but I recommend making it 30 minutes because that keeps your bot on while having a good uptime.
Now, you are all set! Your uptimerobot should start up in a few minutes (max 30) and your bot will stay online now!
Good luck, have fun. If you have a question, email me here or fill out the form here